The Hall of Justice is a recording studio owned by Chris Walla, located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, established in 2000 and completely rebuilt in 2010. Recent clients include Noah Gundersen, Pinegrove, Deep Sea Diver, Ruler, Great Grandpa, Pedro The Lion, Minus The Bear, Ratboys, Pool Kids, Gotye, Lo Moon, Paper Kites, Special Explosion, S, The Thermals, Cumulus, and Your Heart Breaks. Regular producers include Phil Ek, Mike Davis, Andy D. Park, Sam Rosson, Cam Nicklaus, Don Gunn, Francois Tetaz, and Dylan Wall. Clients from further back include Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, Nada Surf, The Long Winters, and The Decemberists.
You can record here too. The room is $300 / day, and engineers start at $350 / day. Guest engineers with demonstrable studio proficiency are invited and welcome.

Walla designed the studio to be fluid and flexible: it only takes minutes to move seamlessly from a world-class screenless analog workflow to the Burl-equipped DAW. The tape machines are calibrated and work correctly, the tape stock is new, the console is meticulously maintained, and everything is labeled correctly. If it’s in the rack, it works.

Contact us and we’ll get your session on the calendar.